Vaping Etiquette For Newbies & Experts

vaping etiquettes

As a common rule of thumb, it is safe to say that even though vaping is relatively less hazardous than smoking, the rules and etiquette are very alike.

Since there is no black-and-white rule book for vaping etiquette, use this blog to guide how one should behave while vaping with others or in public settings.

Don’t Blow Clouds of Vapor on Someone’s Face

When it comes to vape, we highly advise against blowing vape smoke on someone else’s face. This may come across as evident to not do with nonsmokers, but it is also impolite if done to vapers.

Let’s say, for instance, you like a particular flavor of vape that tastes and smells a lot like a traditional cigarette. This smell could trigger someone trying to quit smoking and possibly reignite their urge to smoke a cigarette. This makes the journey toward quitting smoking much harder than it has to be, and you wouldn’t want to cause that for anyone!

When vaping, like traditional smoking, try to avoid the people around you. A good technique would be to blow right above their heads or to exhale over your shoulder. This makes it easy for everyone around you to be with you regardless of whether they smoke or not.

Ask Before Using Someone Else’s Vape

Personal space and belongings are important to everyone, smoker or not. If you value your things, others will too. It’s impolite (not to mention inconsiderate) to help yourself to someone else’s vape without asking first–you don’t know if they’re comfortable sharing, and there is always the risk of catching something from a shared vape mouthpiece.

Regardless of whether someone has a disposable vape or a more permanent vape kit like the Vaporesso target 200, it’s always good practice and etiquette to ask before using someone else’s vape. This is because you could cause someone to potentially replace their vape, which could be frustrating for some.  

Don’t Heckle Smokers into Quitting 

As the saying goes, ‘converts make some of the worst fanatics’ same goes for a sub-community of vapers that managed to quit smoking.

Quitting is a highly personal journey, and just because you were able to switch at some point doesn’t mean you get to shame someone else for not doing the same.

One should remember that each journey is different, and educating is different from judging.

Don’t Stealth Vape

Stealth vaping is vaping without drawing attention to oneself. A lot of people stealth vape in locations that don’t allow smoking. Not only is this a violation of the rules of a particular area, but also a nuisance for the people around them.

Instead, move to an area that is smoker friendly. The only time stealth vaping is acceptable is if you’re in a closed space or a gathering and don’t want the area to be filled with smoke for your own sake out of courtesy.

Educate Others 

While this may not be the most common etiquette (for a newbie or experts), It’s an excellent quality for a vaper to be informed of what they’re doing so they can correct the misinformed or potentially educate individuals on the pros and cons of vaping.

If you’re new to smoking in general and want to stay relatively discreet about it, there are a lot of subtle vapes out there that don’t give off huge clouds of smoke!

Now that you’re educated on all the etiquettes that make an excellent vaper, you can head to Vapes Direct for a vape that works best for you.

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