Differences Between E-Cigarettes and Vapes 

e-cigarerrates and vapes

Have you ever wondered why all vapors don’t use regular e-cigarettes? They are, after all, the simplest vaping devices to operate. And they’re offered in the locations where you’d typically buy tobacco products.

Well, it turns out that conventional e-cigarettes have two considerable limitations that might negatively impact your vaping experience. These disadvantages are significant enough to make the transition from smoking to vaping easier for smokers.

Traditional e-cigarettes are one of the most expensive vaping products to use. In some situations, using an e-cigarette with pre-filled liquid may cost almost as much as smoking. That is wholly excessive. Saving money is one of the numerous advantages of quitting smoking and switching to vaping.

Using regular e-cigarettes results in paying more than you should for vaping and paying more for a lower-quality experience. This is due to the fact that pre-filled vaping devices never provide the same level of flavor selection as refillable vape kits. There are never more than a few e-liquid flavors available for any pre-filled vaping device.

Vapes and e-cigarettes are often used interchangeably, but there are actually some big differences between the two. Here’s a look at the major distinctions:


One of the primary differences between e-cigarettes and vapes is how they look. E-cigarettes mimic traditional cigarettes or fountain pens, while vapes are relatively fancier and highly customizable.

E-cigarettes are more popular amongst people who prefer holding an actual cigarette over vapes. In contrast, vapes are looked upon as a more modern, healthier version of a cigarette.

Battery Life 

The battery life of vapes is considered much more advanced than e-cigarettes. The battery is much bigger in vapes, giving it longer battery life.

In an era where you need to charge everything, from your phone to your watch, it’s refreshing to know that at least your vape will last you longer than the average e-cigarette.

All you need to do is take care of your vape, don’t overcharge or drop it; you’re set for months!

Flavor Options

Using a vape gives you a wide variety of flavors, from Luscious Melons to Tokyo iced strawberries.

Let’s talk numbers. Whether you use a disposable e-cigarette or a pre-filled pod, if you are in the market looking for a flavor refill, at most, you’ll find 8 to 12 options. On the flip side, you will find various flavors if you go to the e-juice section at Vapes Direct. Hundreds of bottled e-liquid flavors are available for you to purchase and use at your convenience.

With a refillable vape, you have your pick of the hundreds of models on the market. This variety in flavors is one of the things that make vaping such an enjoyable experience – and gives vapes a clear advantage over e-cigarettes.

High Quality

Not only does a complete vape kit have the advantage of refillable vaping devices, but these devices also typically have higher-quality components that last longer. E-cigarettes sell refill pods, which often cost more than the device itself. They are seen as cheap and not meant to last long. On the other hand, a genuine vape kit is designed for months or years of use without frequently needing replacement parts.

A full-fledged vape kit can offer a better experience because it has higher-quality components, which also means that it will typically last longer than a mass-market e-cigarette.

As an end note, it is safe to mention that vapes are far superior to e-cigarettes. Switching to vapes, due to their long-lasting nature, is also eco-friendlier! So whether you get yourself a mighty mint puff bar or a complete vape kit, know that you’re not only doing your lungs a favor but also the environment.

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