Smoking involves Paper Burning, Tar, Tobacco, Carbon Monoxide and 400 plus harmful chemicals. Vaping only contains e-liquid composed of VG and PG which are used in everyday life. 

Vaping is 90% to 95% less harmful than normal cigarettes. Vaping carries neither tar nor carbon monoxide which creates a healthy breathing environment.

Nicsalt contains Benzoic Acid which fulfils your immediate cravings mostly having the same PG VG ratio. Freebase has a high VG ratio and takes some time to fulfil your satisfaction.

POD devices are used for Nicsalt and produce more flavor. MOD devices are used for Freebase and produce more clouds. 

Vegetable Glycerine is responsible for creating clouds. Propylene Glycol contains flavors and Nicotine which is optional. An E-Liquid is the combination of both VG and PG.

American e-liquids tend to have more throat hits than UK e-liquids but have the same quality nonetheless. Malaysian e-liquids are water based liquids while UK and American e-liquids are oil based.

 In the vaping world, life of a coil is unexpected. However, some safety tips such as taking intervals of 4 to 5 seconds in each puff increase the life of a coil.

 Vape Devices require batteries. Mostly, MOD devices have external batteries which are needed to buy separately if above 50 W and few MOD devices also come with removable batteries. POD devices come with integrated batteries. 

It is made up of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine which are used in everyday life such as ice cream and foods. It also contains Nicotine which is optional. Nicotine is an Addictive Substance and the legal age to consume Nicotine is 21. Minorities are not allowed to utilize Nicotine. 

OHM level is a way of measuring a level of electrical resistance. Regular level of ohm when it comes to vaping and your clearomizer is between 2.4 and 2.8. An increase in the resistance of the coil generates low watts thus resulting in small clouds. The decrease in resistance of the coil generates more watts resulting in more vapors.

Unlike regular smoking, an e-cigarette doesn’t produce an unwelcoming smell. The scent of an e-cigarette depends on the flavor used in the device.

Yes, vape devices are a better alternative when it comes to quitting smoking. The habit of smoking can be interchanged with vape products.

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