What is the difference between e-cig and vapes?

E-cig/pods are devices which uses high nic salts. E-cig refers to electronic cigarettes, vaporizers are refer to vapes which are more advanced and the newest way to cigarette smoke free smoke.

How much vapes are harmful as compare to normal cigarette?

Vapes are 70% less harmful as compare to normal cigarettes because cigarettes contain 400 more chemicals which are not in vapes. Vapes contains no tar and no carbon monoxide. 

Difference between saltnic and freebase?

Size of saltnic bottle is smaller as compare to freebase liquid bottle. Saltnic is in 10ml to 30ml bottle. Freebase comes in 60ml to 100ml bottles.

Difference between POD and Big devices?

E-cig are handy and small in size. Vapes are bigger in size with better battery capacities.

Difference between VG and PG?

Vg stands for vegetable based glycerin. Pg stands for propylene glycol. E-liquids contains both Vg and Pg.

Difference between Malaysian liquid and American liquid?

 Malaysian liquids are low in quality but they are rich in taste because they are water based. American liquids are in high quality, rich in taste and more popular. If you are using Malaysian liquid then coil will burn more.

Vg and Pg ratio in e-liquids?

Vg is lesser in quantity in nicsalts and amount of Pg is higher. Similarly in freebase liquid amount of Vg is higher.

Life of coil or Pods?

Life of coil is fully depends on its user. If user is not following all the precautions then the life of Pod or coil will be reduced. Secondly if you are using Malaysian liquid then the life of pod will increase.