Who We Are?

Vapes Direct is your one stop shop when it comes to buying everything related to vapes, and everything you want to have the perfect vaping experience. Founded back in 2015 in the UK, what began as a small entity selling a limited range of e-liquids has expanded into a huge company branches in the UK, Germany and now, Pakistan. Our headquarters are set in Gross-Gerau to strengthen our relationships with the vape scenario prevalent in Germany, and also better cater to the market there with our specialized product lines. Vapes Direct ventured in the Pakistani Market in 2020 by opening its first outlet in Islamabad. At Vapes Direct, we believe in providing the best of everything to our users which is why we are constantly conducting research and development to fulfill the needs of the growing market. From the finest quality vaping hardware to vape tanks to coils to mods to e-juices- you name the product and you’ll find the top-notch variant of it here.


Vapes Direct is promoting a healthier lifestyle. Our vision is to convert society from traditional cigarettes to vaping. According to Public Health England (PHE) and National Health Sector (NHS) vaping is 95% less harmful than cigarettes. It is much easier to quit vaping than cigarettes because through vaping we have control over Nicotine intake, whereas cigarettes have a fixed amount of nicotine. Sports is a healthy activity and to promote a healthier lifestyle we are encouraging the youth to participate in sports. Vapes Direct is also participating in such events such as Celebrity Premier League (CPL). Due to our commitment to quality and excellence, we will ensure your satisfaction through our individualised products and aim to cater to every customer.


Haris lodhi

I was a heavy smoker. Back in 2012 I started vaping and quit smoking cigarettes for a couple of months then I went back to cigarettes. In 2020 my breathing was difficult. In april 2021 I started vaping again with the guidance of vapes direct team. It has been 5 months since I have smoked a cigarette. My breathing has returned to normal. I can walk up a flight of stairs, take long walks, ride my bicycle without becoming winded. I can enjoy being active again.

Sajid Hussain

I am a working father and husband. I am 31 years young and I smoked cigarettes for 15 years. Nothing worked during those years of smoking to aid me in my wanting too quiet. Then when vapes direct comes with vaping I was in their startup time customers.I was like lets give them a try and i went out and got my first vape and it really worked.

Sofia hamid

I smoked for 11 years. I suffered from chronic bronchitis, asthma, and the beginnings of COPD. I tried nicotine gum etc to quit, but nothing kept me from smoking long term. When I finally tried vaping in guidance of vapes direct it worked!

Asid Farooqi

I smoked for about 8 years then started using smokeless tobacco for about 2 years. I'd heard about vapes direct and finally decided to try after all the tried it, I was able to quit using tobacco all together! Vaping saved my life!!

Usman Ali

I started smoking when I was 15 years old. Within a year I was going through about a pack a day. Now I am 25 years old and this habit start harming my health and I want to quit it. One day I saw an Instagram story from vapes direct about devices that smokers were using to get nicotine without tobacco and could still blow out some kind of cloud. That sounded interesting then I visited their website and ordered online now its been 3 months I didn’t use tobacco smoke.

Sami khan

Vaping saved my life guidance of vapes direct regarding flavors saved my life

Hajra asad

I quit smoking in this year after a cancer diagnosis and immediately looked for many types of vaping alternatives. The most readily available were from vapes direct and they had best quality in lower costs. I have been looking to lower my nicotine use and they guide me very well , which has make my life tobacco smoke free

Sarmad khan

Vapes direct helped me to quit cigarettes. I always enjoyed smoking and I love Vaping...I do not have the awful cigarette cough I had with cigarettes, my house no longer smells of smoke, my clothes stay fresh and I fell 100% better than when on cigarettes

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