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GeekVape U Pod

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Paramount Pods And Cartridges For Vape Devices In Pakistan

Pods and Cartridges are an essential part of your vape devices. These little tanks store your e-liquids to give you a fulfilling vaping experience. Different vape devices come with different storage tanks for e-liquids. To determine what goes best with your device, you must have a better understanding of the difference between a pod and a cartridge.

Replacement PODs:

A vape pod features oils, ceramic heating elements, and a core for combustion, which ensure proper vaporization of e-juice. Vape pods are only compatible with selective devices and are exclusive to each other.


Vape cartridges feature a glass cylindrical appearance. The bottom of the cartridge features 501 threading which refers to the length of the connector and the number of threads used to connect to the battery of the device. Cartridges are usually filled with up to 1 to 2 ml, and a cart vape can use any threaded cartridge.

Wide Range Of Products

Vapes Direct brings you an extensive collection of pods and cartridges suitable for your device. We take pride in featuring the best names in the vaping industry. You will only find the most premium quality pods and cartridges with us. From Voopoo replacement vape pods to SMOK cartridges, each product from our collection is an example on its own. Moreover, we also hold a complete range of pre-filled and empty pods and cartridges to give our vapers the freedom to opt for their e-juice tanks as per their choice.


  • Geek Vape U Pod
  • Uwell Caliburn Pod Cartridge 1.4 Ohm
  • Luxe Q Mesh Pod
  • Voopoo Vinci Pod Cartridge 2ml
  • N Pods Grape
  • Caliburn G2 Empty Cartridge

Vapes Direct is one of the leading providers of pods and cartridges for vape devices in Pakistan. Get your hands on the most reliable vape devices and accessories at market-competitive pricing.