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Uwell Crown D Pod Mod Kit

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Buy UWELL Mod Kits in Pakistan

UWELL has been a game-changer brand for vape devices across the world. The brand has been dropping one of the best devices for the vaping industry. Every device comes with an adjustable wattage feature, easy-to-fill pods or tanks, leak-proofing capabilities, and an enhanced flavor. UWELL has everything under its belt, and you will love every device of this brand. If you want to do cloud chasing with an enhanced flavor, then you have been picking the devices of this brand. Vapers can get the best UWELL mod kits in Pakistan from Vapes Direct’s collection.

Features of UWELL Mod Kits


UWELL mods come with a high-wattage feature. Users can crank up the wattage as per their needs to get the best cloud production from their devices. The best thing about this high-wattage is that they are able to handle higher watts. On top of that, you will get an integrated chipset inside it. It will let the devices reach high watts and let the user choose different modes as per their needs. You can get affordable prices on UWELL vape in Pakistan from our collection.

Enhanced Flavor

With the UWELL mods, users will get the best flavor from the devices. They will get an enhanced flavor whenever they take a hit from these devices. These mods have the latest technology inside them, which improves the flavors using top-notch coils and deliver a strong flavor to the user. Vapers who want massive cloud production with enhanced flavor are in for a treat with these devices.

High Compatibility Coils

UWELL Mods come with a high compatibility of coils. Users can swap out different coils to experience a totally different vaping style. You can put the MTL (mouth to lung), RDL (restrict direct lung), and DL (direct lung) coils. You can put these coils inside the mods as per your needs. Users can pick the one that suits their vaping style, and then they can carry on with their vaping journey.