Explore Pod Vapes in Pakistan

A pod vape is an electronic cigarette that works with vape pods. A pod vape comprises a battery and e-liquid-filled vape pod. We sell the Koko prime pod and the best Pod Devices in Pakistan at Vape Direct, which takes pod vaping to the next level with variable voltage temperature control and Breathe Easy Draw-Activation.

Nicotine salts distinguish pod vapes from most other types of e-cigarettes. Pod vapes use NIC salts, while sub-ohm vapes use freebase nicotine. The main advantage is twofold. First, the NIC salts are smoother, making the throat hit more pleasant. Second, they increase nicotine absorption. Pod vapes are ideal for former cigarette smokers transitioning to vaping.

Pros of Pod Vapes

Here are some advantages of pod vaping over traditional vaping devices:

Pod systems are much more compact than vape mods, making them a better option for vapers who don’t want to take up a lot of pocket space with their vaping device but still want a lot of vapor production.

Simple —- Because of their simple designs, pods are extremely simple. Many pod systems lack buttons and rely on sensors to automatically detect usage and produce vapor.

Affordability —- Although pod systems vary in price, they are inexpensive and excellent e-cigarettes for budget-conscious vapers.

Nic Salts —- Only pod-style and low-wattage vapes can use nicotine salt e-liquids. This improves pod system absorption and throat hit.

How long do vape pods last?

That is entirely dependent on your vaping habits. If you only vape a few times per day, you will find that your vape pods last much longer than if you are a heavy user who frequently vapes throughout the day.

Although vape pods offer numerous advantages over other vaping devices, the downside is that these smaller devices hold less liquid than larger devices. If you use a vape pod, this is a reality you must accept and accommodate by carrying replacement e-liquid and pods. Fortunately, vape pods are typically small and portable, making it simple to keep a spare or two in a pocket or purse. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Vapes Direct now and buy high-quality vape pods in Pakistan at the best price.