Vape Tanks

Best Tanks For Vape Devices In Pakistan

Tanks are like the heart of your vaping device. They come with an inside coil and have the capacity to hold your favorite vape juice. Selecting vape tanks is necessary whenever you are equipping tanks to your vaping device. They come in different designs and elements, RDAs, RTAs, or RBAs. If you are looking for tanks for vapes that can hold your favorite e-juice, it’s best to choose the one that comes with better capacity.

Metal and glass-formed tanks are the best tanks for vape devices. You can choose your tank based on what suits your taste. Some like light cloud vapors, while others love making heavy clouds.

Different Vape Tanks Available


RTA stands for Rebuildable Tank Atomizer. RTAs can come in different designs, but they usually come with a space for you to put one or two coils. The coils sit on a deck under the tank or in the middle. It also features a chimney or a bell that sits at the top to cover the deck and goes up to where you put your mouth.


RBA heads are special parts that fit into sub-ohm tanks and pod systems. Instead of using a pre-made coil, it allows users to build their own with the RBA deck. The RBA tanks are replaceable and can easily be removed. These tanks can only be used with specific vapes, as most devices do not have an RBA head.


RDA stands for Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. It’s like a special RBA where you put juice directly onto the coils and wicks, not from a tank. The bottom part of the build deck has space for juice, and you put the wick ends in there.

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