Vape Device Useful Tips While Travelling With It

vape devices for travelling

Traveling is one of the most exciting experiences anyone can have, whether you plan a long trip around the globe or want to go on a quick weekend getaway. When planning a trip, one of the essential parts of the process is preparing for it. 

If you’re planning to travel long distances, it’s crucial to bring a few items from home that will make your trip more enjoyable. For most vapers, the ultimate relaxation is to pack their favorite vaping gear and head to somewhere where they can enjoy a relaxing vape session.

Although it might seem that you could throw your vape in a bag and go, there are certain things you should keep in mind when traveling with your vape device. You need to know the travel guidelines, how to pack your vape device and other important information about carrying one with you.

9 Useful Tips for Traveling With Your Vape Device 

Here are nine tips you should remember when traveling with your vape device. 

Make Sure You’re Familiar With Local Vaping Laws Earlier On

For consumers in the USA, the vaping laws are like the smoking regulations. Vaping products can be purchased at vape shops or anywhere tobacco is sold. You can also vape in places where you can smoke.

But in many countries, local laws show more leniency towards smoking than vaping. Before traveling internationally with your vape gear, it is important to remember these points:

  • Vaping is banned in many countries, including Thailand, Singapore, Brazil, and India.
  • E-liquid containing nicotine is not permitted in some countries, such as Norway, Japan, and Australia. But, in some cases, the sale of nicotine-containing e-liquid is prohibited by certain nations, but still, they allow importing e-liquid for personal use.
  • Some countries might ban vaping in cars or public places. It is generally illegal to vape in places where smoking is not allowed.

Pack Your Vaping Gear Safely To Avoid Leakages & Damages 

A worst-case scenario for a vape user is to arrive at their destination and discover that the device has failed. If your e-cigarette juices leak all over your clothes, they can ruin your dresses and other things. 

Damaged devices can have problems with functionality, and their safety can be at risk. It is important to pack carefully and prevent the terrible situation that can happen. By taking a couple of precautions in the packing process, you can avoid the disappointment and costs of spilled vape juice and a ruined device.

  • When transporting an e-cigarette, make sure it is rolled up tightly in a case or bag. This will help prevent dents, and cracks and prevent any accidental fires.
  • Keep your vape device in a good-quality carrying case. 
  • Keep the carrying case in the interior pocket of your backpack or purse.
  • Keep batteries stored in a safe manner to prevent the possibility of short-circuiting and damage.
  • Make sure that all your bottles of e-liquids are tightly closed and well padded. 
  • When carrying several bottles with you at once, use bubble wrap or a sturdy material between them, so they don’t break.

Follow these tips for packing a vaping kit, and you’ll be sure to have an uncluttered experience

Be Aware Of The Rules For Vaping In Airports Before You Leave Home

In an airport, you can generally vape in the same places where you can smoke. However, you should check the airport rules on vaping before you start puffing away. It’s important to remember that many airports all over the world have completely banned smoking within the security parameters.

If you have a stopover at some airport before your flight to your destination, you will have to leave the perimeter to vape and go through a security check once again. When you plan to vape before traveling, it is best to do so in an outdoor smoking area at the airport. Although some airports still have observation decks and smoking lounges where you can vape easily.

Assure To Follow These Packing Instructions For Your Vaping Gear

Here’s a checklist of all the essentials you need for travel to ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy vaping wherever you go:

  • Vaping device that is portable and ultra-compact.
  • Extra batteries to keep you going in case you forget to recharge
  • All the parts that can be removed and replaced, such as drip tips, tanks, and batteries
  • Device charger and a car charger if you have one
  • Sturdy carrying case for your vape device
  • Two extra bottles of e-liquid, in case one is lost or spilled
  • Extra wicks, coils, and cotton for RDAs
  • Paper towels or wipes for drying up drips or spills

Make a copy of this packing list or take a screenshot, so you don’t forget anything.

Keep These Guidelines In Mind When Traveling With Your Vape

With e-cigarettes and vape juices, you can travel by plane without being searched. However, there are a few rules that you need to know about. However, many countries follow these simple rules, no matter what your destination or origin is. 

  • Batteries and vape devices must be put in your carry-on luggage if you’re traveling on a plane. Unlike other devices that use lithium-ion batteries, these are not allowed inside of your checked baggage.
  • When traveling with carry-on liquids, you must follow the rule of 3-1-1. This means that containers must be three ounces or less and fit in a one-quart bag, and only one person is allowed to carry one of these bags.
  • It’s a good idea to keep all your liquids in their labeled containers when you’re flying. If the officers at the airport ask you any questions, you can simply show them label information.
  • Remove the batteries from your device, and keep them in their original packaging.

There is no onboard vaping allowed on any flight. You have to finish your vaping session before boarding your flight. It’s against the law to vape on an airplane, so don’t break the rules. Wait until you reach your destination.

Remember To Check The Elevation Changes In Your Flight

If you’re traveling with the vape gear, remember that pre-filled pods and tanks will be susceptible to elevation changes. When you fly to higher altitudes, the air expands and can push the e-liquid out of your tanks. Before getting on that flight, empty the vape tank. If you have pre-filled pods in your vaping device, it is probably not possible to empty them before boarding the plane. 

The key to using your vape pods at high elevations is to remember that they might leak a little.

If you are certain that you will find pods for your device at the destination, then do not take too many with you. Just simply buy enough for your trip and buy extra on arrival.

Are you going to a place where you’ll be driving on very steep roads? Even that can make the tank leak. Imagine how disappointing it would be to reach out for your vape device and discover that it’s empty. So, when you’re going to high altitudes, minimize the risk of leaking by making your e-cigarette tank either completely empty or half filled.

Remain Patient, When Explaining

Be aware that your choices may not be understood by everyone. Although vaping is becoming increasingly common, many people are yet to learn about it. Additionally, if you have a unique or extensive vape kit, it’s unlikely that most people would know what it is.

While traveling with vape devices should not cause any problems, there might be airport staff who are unfamiliar with them. It may take a bit more time than usual to explain your vaporizer and its parts, but don’t let that stop you from being cheerful.

It’s important to remember that you will have no problems as long as you follow all the rules and haven’t done anything illegal. Don’t get frustrated or upset because of a minor glitch in the journey. Stay cool, and handle it calmly.

Things to Consider When You Travel by Train or Bus

If you are planning to travel by bus or train, here are three main points to keep in mind:

  • Carefully pack the vaping items and wrap them in a soft cloth or towel for complete protection.
  • Put your vape juice and device in a bag, so you can use them whenever you feel like it.
  • When you’re on a train or bus, make sure to use the original packaging for your vaping items as a safety measure.

Regardless of which mode of transport you use, these provided tips will come in handy.

Ensure The Safety Of Your Mod & Clearomizer

The voyage from the checkout area to the cargo hold of an airplane can be full of unexpected bumps. The battery is certainly not the only reason to take your mod with you, especially if you carry an electronic mod.

It’s no fun to find your suitcase covered in e-liquid when you arrive at the airport. Be sure to put your clearomizer in the regulatory liquids bag. You can still find e-liquid in the atomizer, tank, and clearomizer. When you put the security control in your bag, a security guard will ask you to put it in the right bag.

Now that you know about it beforehand, you can separate the mod from the tank so that it takes up less space. With the AIO kits, you must put them entirely in the regulatory liquids bag. One last piece of advice is about the batteries, which are essential but easily forgotten. 

Whether you use rechargeable batteries to get your vape device going or have to pack a couple of spares, remember to take them with you. Once you’ve packed the batteries, take a look again to make sure you haven’t forgotten any. Having a dead battery in the vaporizer while you’re miles away is not a happy situation.


Now that you have these nine handy tips to guide you, traveling with your vape device will be much easier.

If you follow the rules and pack your device and the juices in the right manner, you shouldn’t have any problems. Research all you can about your destination’s vaping laws before you leave home, and must buy a good packing case for your device before you go.

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