What’s the Cheapest Vape to Buy? 

Cheapest Vape to Buy

In recent years, vaping has become one of the most popular alternatives to smoking, offering a variety of flavors and experiences. However, the cost of vaping devices and e-juices can vary significantly, making it important for vapers to find cheap options. If you’re on the hunt for the cheapest vape to buy or looking for affordable vape products without compromising on quality, you’ve come to the right place. This post will guide you through finding budget-friendly vaping options that deliver on performance and taste.

Cheapest Pods: Smok Infinix Kit

When it comes to pod systems, the Smok Infinix Kit stands out for its affordability, priced at just 1,800 rupees. These compact devices are perfect for vapers who prioritize ease of use and portability. Beginners and those looking to switch from traditional cigarettes to vaping will find pod systems to be an excellent option, offering a hassle-free experience without the annoyance of fiddling with settings.

Cheapest Mods: Vaporesso FORZ TX80

For those who prefer mods, the Vaporesso FORZ TX80 is a brilliant option that starts at 5,500 rupees. Mods are suitable for vapers looking for a more customizable experience, allowing adjustments to wattage, temperature, and airflow to alter the vaping experience to one’s preferences. The Vaporesso FORZ TX80, made by the renowned Vaporesso brand, is known for its durability and excellent performance, making it a steal at this price point.

Cheapest E juices: Diving into Options

Freebase E juices

When it comes to finding affordable e-juices, Ruthless Freebase E-juices are a great starting point, with prices beginning at 500 rupees. For those looking for an even more budget-friendly option, Just Juice offers the cheapest freebase e-juice starting from 800 rupees. Freebase nicotine is ideal for vapers who prefer a stronger throat hit similar to that of smoking traditional cigarettes.

NIC Salt E juices

The NIC salt e-liquids are the best choice for vapers looking for a smoother throat hit and a stronger nicotine hit. Ultimate Puff E-liquid is the cheapest vape option in NIC salt, with prices starting from 1,700 rupees. NIC salts are perfect for recent switchers from smoking and those using pod systems or low-wattage devices.

Exclusive Vapes Direct Products

Vapes Direct is home to exclusive, high-quality imported vaping products not found elsewhere. Highlighted products include:

  • UWELL KALMIA – Priced at 6,500 rupees
  • FREEMAX MARVOS X – Priced at 9,500 rupees
  • VOOPOO DRAG 3 TPP-X – Priced at 15,500 rupees

These products represent the peak of vaping innovation, offering unparalleled quality and an exceptional vaping experience.

Why Choose Vapes direct for the Most Affordable Vape Products?

Vapes Direct is your go-to destination for affordable vape products without sacrificing quality. Our selection of devices, accessories, and e-liquids is carefully curated to ensure you enjoy the best vaping experience possible without denting your wallet. With exclusive products and a wide range of options, Vapes Direct fulfills all vaping preferences and budgets.

Disposable Vapes- The Cheapest Vaping Alternate 

If you’re a vaper who’s always on the go, disposable vapes can be a convenient and affordable vaping option for you. These vapes can be used until they run out of juice, and then you can dispose of them without the need for refilling or charging. They may be low-priced, but they deliver a kick that’s just as good as other vapes. At Vapes Direct, we offer some of the best disposable vapes from top brands like Geek Bar, E device, and SMOK at a very reasonable price.  

The price range for disposable vapes starts from 600. Visit the website to explore disposable devices more. 


Whether you’re a beginner vaper looking for an easy-to-use pod system or an experienced enthusiast searching for a mod that allows for customization, affordable options are available. From the cheapest pods to mods and NIC salt e-juices, you can enjoy a satisfying vaping experience that aligns with your budget. Remember, affordable doesn’t have to mean low quality. By choosing Vapes Direct, you access a world of premium, economically priced vaping products tailored to your needs.


Where can I buy the Cheapest Vape in Pakistan? 

You can buy the cheapest vape in Pakistan at Vapes Direct. They offer the cheapest vape disposables starting from just 600 PKR, specifically from the top notch brands. Additionally, Vapes Direct provides vaping accessories at affordable rates.  This makes Vapes Direct a cost-effective option for vapers looking for the cheapest vaping products in Pakistan.

Is there any current sale on Vapes Direct?

Yes, buying the cheapest vape sale is the best time . when you can fill your bucket with premium vape brands and currently, Vapes Direct is offering the biggest 50% discount on its clearance sale. Don’t let this pass out. Visit Vapesdirect.pk and get the best discount ever. 

Which is the best Vape pod? 

When it comes to the world of vaping, the OXVA pod is the best choice. It is a sleek, powerful device that not only delivers top-notch performance but also exudes style and sophistication. OXVA pods are the current darlings device for the vapers, steering attention and adoration from vapers far and wide.

The thing that makes OXVA a favorite is its impeccable blend of cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design. Ensuring a smooth vaping experience.

With a loyal following and rave reviews praising its exceptional performance, OXVA has truly cemented its status as the best pod system in high demand today.