What Are the Benefits of Using a Water-Based Vape?

water-based vapes

Vaping has been in the world for quite some time, and brands and companies of the vaping community have made vaping even better over the years. They try their best to make the vaping experience even good for vaping enthusiasts across the world. It can be improving the performance of the hardware or making the devices easy to use. In addition, the formulation of juices has been upgraded for many years. Keep going on with this blog, and we will tell you about the new ways and evolution of vaping for enthusiasts across the world. 

Water-Based Vaping:

Whenever you think about vaping, you know that e-liquid hasn’t really changed and evolved as the new vape kits have changed. In the mid of 2010s, the development of the salt nicotine e-juices took a big step. However, this change wasn’t as important as it looked back in the day. At the end of the day, nicotine salt-based e-liquids are just free-based nicotine e-liquids that come with a little amount of change in formula. 

This year, in the e-liquid department, things have changed. It took a big leap forward toward something that many people have been thinking of for many years. People always wondered if they could actually vape with water. Well, things have pretty much changed for now. Many individuals tried vaping with water in their vaping equipment and ended up being disappointed because the vaping devices couldn’t handle water at all. 

After years of being in development, Aquios Labs have done it. They went the extra mile and developed a series of vapes that can handle 30% water content. 

Now that you know about water-based vaping, you must be thinking, is it okay to vape water? Of course, it is. Read the benefits below:

Benefits Of Using A Water-Based Vape:

You might be one of those vapers who tried vaping water in the past and wanted to experience it. However, things have changed now. You can actually do it now. There are some benefits of using a water-based vape. Read them below:

● Water-based e-liquids are pretty much smoother than most of the standard vape juices. If you have ever experienced throat irritation whenever you are vaping, you will probably find that water-based vaping juices have eliminated the irritation. It will make your vaping time more enjoyable. 

● Water is more compatible with the human body than VG (vegetable glycerin) and PG (propylene glycol). Sometimes you feel that you are having dehydration or dry mouth; it is because of the traditional e-liquid. The VG and PG both draw water from your body. It dries your mouth, and this makes the user want to drink more water. That’s why using water-based e-liquids will restore your mouth’s normal balance.

● The water-based e-liquids vaporize at lower temps as compared to the standard e-liquids. Whenever you vape at lower temps, the vapor production will be good enough as well it will be easier for you to inhale. Vaping at lower temperatures can make your vaping hardware last a long time, keep the battery working efficiently, and is better for the coil’s longevity. 

Why You Should Try Water-Based Vaping:

If you vape daily and want to experience something new, water-based vaping will be an ideal option for you. You will have fun doing it because of the pure flavor with good vapor production from the device. At the end of the day, you will get your nicotine needs fulfilled. Moreover, you will think of switching to water-based vaping because of the amazing experience. 

Final Thoughts:

To sum this up, you are pretty much aware of water-based vaping. Now you know the benefits of it and how it will be an ideal option for you. You can switch it up to water-based vaping if it suits you. However, you need a device that will easily handle these water-based e-liquids. You can buy vape online from our collection at Vapes Direct, the best shop for all vaping enthusiasts.

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