Vape juices are one of the crucial elements in your vaping experience. They are used for fulfilling your daily nicotine needs with a tasty flavor that you will love. However, most e-juices have different variations in them. Some have lower nicotine levels, while some have higher nicotine levels. People pick the ones which are according to their needs. You can get vape juices that come with one flavoring or one that is a mixture of many flavors. Many individuals think if they buy an e-liquid, how much will it last? To get your questions answered, keep reading this blog by Vapes Direct. 

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Does E-Liquids Have An Expiration Date?

Most of the time, there’s one question that is in your mind whenever you purchase an e-liquid, ‘does this e-liquid have an expiration date?’. Regarding your question, yes, it has an expiration date. However, there’s a reason why it is called ‘shelf stable.’ It means that it takes enough time to reach a point where you can’t vape with it. 

Once the vape juice has been manufactured, it has a shelf life of two years. The date might fluctuate if the bottle is opened and isn’t stored properly. It depends on the type of vape juice you are using. The long period is enough for the vapers who can use methods to check if their e-liquid is expired.

How Much Can Longer E-Liquid Last?

The type of vape juice and its ingredients can have an impact on the e-liquid’s expiration date. The two ingredients that are found in vape juice, VG and PG, play an important role in the e-liquid. These are diluent of the vape liquid. 

The PG (propylene glycol) naturally eliminates the degradation over time. It means that e-liquids that come with a higher PG ratio have the ability to last longer. However, you need to handle and store it to keep it for your vaping experience. Meanwhile, VG (vegetable glycerine) vape juices don’t. In their nature, repels the degradation over time as PG does. It doesn’t mean it will be reaching the expiration date any sooner. If both of the e-liquids have nicotine in them, both of them will reach a point at the same time. 

How Much E-Liquid Lasts Long After Opening?

Once you have opened the bottle of the e-liquid, the main difference you will find in it will be its color turning darker. The nicotine will be oxidized because of the exposure to oxygen. It will matter how you will store the e-liquid, and don’t let the bottle always be opened. 

What Will Happen If E-Liquid Starts Going Bad?

The very first thing that you will notice if the e-liquid has passed its expiration date is the taste. It will taste totally different or nothing at all. You won’t be able to smell the vape juice the way it was when you first opened it. The color of the juice will start to get changed. It will get dark over time. 

How To Store Your Vape Juice:

You can store your vape juice by following these ways to prevent it from getting expired or being of no use and keep it as fresh as possible. Read them below: 

  • Don’t expose it direct sunlight and oxygen
  • Keep it away from extreme temperatures
  • Keep it in a cupboard with proper room temperature

Final Thoughts:

Now you are pretty much aware of everything that you can do to your e-liquids and keep them last longer. You can keep them safe from oxygen and direct sunlight. Make sure that you are following these ways. 

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