Best Vape in Pakistan Under 5,000

vape price in Pakistan under 5000

Are you on the hunt for the best vape in Pakistan without having a burden on your pocket? No worries. The vaping industry in Pakistan is vibrant and diverse, offering something for everyone’s preference, especially for those looking to stay within a budget of PKR 5,000. With the ongoing clearance sale at Vapes Direct, finding top-notch vaping products at half the price has never been easier. This article will be a big surprise for you because we will disclose the Best Vape in Pakistan Under 5,000. 

Vapes Direct Clearance Sale – A Gateway to Affordable Luxury

Vapes Direct is making waves with its clearance sale, slashing prices by 50% on some of the market’s most sought-after vaping products. This sale brings the Best Vape in Pakistan Under 5,000, and it is not just about discounts; it’s about making quality vaping accessible to everyone. Whether you’re a regular vaper or new to vaping, this clearance sale ensures you get the best vape in Pakistan under 5,000 PKR without compromising quality.

Top Picks Under PKR 5,000

1. Puff Sharbat Strawberry Laces – PKR 3,000

Indulge in the sweetness of strawberries with a tangy twist. This vape is perfect for those who enjoy a fruity kick to their vaping experience.

2. Ultimate Salts Shake Series (PKR 1,700 each)

  • Strawberry: Creamy and rich, a classic choice for berry lovers.
  • Vanilla: Smooth, luxurious, and subtly sweet, perfect for an all-day vape.
  • Banana: For those who desire a sweet, creamy texture blended with the comforting taste of banana.

3. Just Juice Tobacco Club (PKR 800 each)

  • Vanilla Toffee: A sophisticated blend of sweet toffee with a hint of vanilla.
  • Sweet Cubano: A rich, full-bodied tobacco flavor for a more traditional experience.
  • Sweet Lemon: An unexpected citrus twist, adding a fresh zest to your vape.

4. Riot Salt Selection (PKR 975 – 1,750)

  • Rich Black Grape: Indulge in the deep, rich flavors of black grape with a cool blast.
  • Tropical Fury: A vibrant mix of tropical fruits, perfect for those who crave a sweet and tangy flavor.

And there’s more. The sale includes offerings like Ruthless Swamp Thang for those who enjoy sour apple notes, or Pod Juice Churros for dessert flavor lovers, all priced under PKR 5,000.

Disposable Vape under 5000 in Pakistan

For those interested in trying vaping without the commitment to a rechargeable device, Vapes Direct features disposable vape options from premium brands like Nasty. These disposable vapes offer up to 5000 puffs and come in an array of flavors, ensuring there’s something for every taste preference. 

Why is this sale a Steal?

The Vapes Direct clearance sale stands out for a myriad of reasons: Most of the Vape products in this clearance sale comes under 5,000.

  • 50% Discount: It’s rare to find such steep discounts on premium vaping products, making it an opportune time to experiment with different flavors and brands.
  • Variety: With such a wide selection, you can explore different types of vaping experiences, from fruity and sweet to rich and strong tobacco flavors.
  • Quality: Despite the low prices, there’s no compromise on quality. Every product in the sale comes from well-respected brands known for their exceptional formulations and vaping experience.

How To Take Advantage Of This Offer?

To get your hands on the best vape in Pakistan under 5,000, simply reach out to Vapes Direct. You can indulge in these exclusive deals by contacting them directly through email or phone. But act fast—products are selling out quickly!


Whether you’re a newbie vaper looking for an access point or a seasoned devotee seeking to expand your collection, the Vapes Direct clearance sale offers an unparalleled opportunity to acquire premium vapes at budget-friendly prices. Don’t miss out on this chance to enjoy the best vape in Pakistan under 5,000. Steer the flavors, experiment with different options, and find your new favorite at a fraction of the cost. 

Happy vaping!

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