Comparison Between Top-Fill And Bottom-Fill Vape Tanks

Vape Tanks

Vaping has come a long way since it was introduced. Vaping brands have come up with innovative ideas and put their efforts into releasing new devices with top-notch technology associated with them. Then these devices are paired with high-quality components, tanks, and coils to give you an epic vaping experience.

Speaking of tanks, they come in many variations, including top-fill, bottom-fill, and side-fill. However, we will be making a comparison between top-fill and bottom-fill vape tanks today. Stay on this blog; you will learn more about these tanks and how they work.

Top-Filling Vape Tanks

You have most likely come across top-filling vape tanks, as these are starting to become standard hardware for vapes in the hardware industry. These tanks give you access to the juice well from the top of the tanks. It means that you don’t have to remove the whole tank of your vaping device to fill vape juice.

The way in which the juice tank is exposed varies from device to device. There are many options, including those which are unscrewed, rotated to open, or others.

Read about the pros of top-filling vape tanks below:


Top filling tanks are easy to use because of their simple design. You don’t need to unscrew the whole tank, and this design is pretty good because it is travel-friendly. You have access to the juice tank with less effort, it saves your time, and you can do the refilling even when you are on the go.


Most of the top-filling tanks come with a leak-proof design. The access to the juice well is on top, so it won’t let the juice go out from the tank. This will give you a mess-free vaping experience, and you can head out anywhere by putting the device into your pocket or backpack without worrying about leakage.

Easily Compatible With Your 510-Threaded Connection:

You don’t have to regularly unscrew and re-screw your tank from and to the device, which can make your 510-threaded connection last a long time, so the tank turns out to be fully secure even when attached to it.

Bottom-Filling Vape Tanks

Bottom-filling tanks have been around for a long time, and you will see these tanks on many devices that are available in the market. These tanks have to be fully removed from the vaping device since the opening of the juice tank cannot be accessed from the top. The bottom has to be unscrewed to give you access to the juice tank to fill it before you vape.

Read about the pros of bottom-filling vape tanks:

More Protection And Safety Against Falls and Drops:

We know that bottom-filling tanks are protected because they are screwed on the device, and the opening mechanism has fewer chances of getting damaged even when the device is dropped because it is not exposed.

Maintains A Great Vacuum:

Bottom-filling tanks do a better job of maintaining an ideal vacuum within the tank since the seal is reinforced by being connected to the mod. Speaking of tanks, you can check out the best vaping accessories and vapes at Vapes Direct for the best vaping experience.

Comparison Between Top-Fill And Bottom-Fill Vape Tanks



Top Fill Vape Tanks

Bottom Fill Vape Tanks

Filling Method

Needs to be filled from the top of the tank.

Has to be filled from the bottom of the tank.


Generally more convenient and easier to fill.

May be slightly tougher to fill.

Tank Capacity

Often have a larger tank capacity.

Tank capacities may vary from device to device but generally slightly smaller.


Less likely to leak when properly closed.

May be more prone to leakage if not properly sealed.


Generally easier to clean due to larger openings.

Cleaning may be a bit more challenging due to the smaller size of openings.


Compatible with many devices and mods

Also compatible with many devices and mods.


Final Thoughts

Top-filling tanks or bottom-filling tanks – the choice is yours. Go for the one that suits your preferences and your vaping style. Both of these tanks will let you enjoy a mess-free vaping experience. You can grab one tank for your vaping device or get both of these tanks for your collection. It all depends on you and your preferences.

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