Common Mistakes Every Vape User Makes

Vaping Mistakes

For those taking the first steps on their vaping journey, there are many common mistakes in vaping that can easily happen. Making the switch from smoking to vaping can seem like a big task; after all, they are quite different. Switching to a less harmful alternative to smoking can reap benefits for your health.

Keep reading this, and here we’ll mention the most common vaping mistakes & how to avoid them.

Picking Up The Wrong Device

If you want to try vaping but don’t know what device to get, you have options. You can go to a vape shop for advice, or you can buy online if that’s easier.

But don’t rush into buying just any device. Choosing the cheapest one might not be the best idea, and assuming that the most expensive is the best isn’t always true.

It’s important to pick a device that suits you. Otherwise, you might end up spending more money later on.

Many new vapers can handle more advanced devices, but starting with something simple is okay. Starter kits are affordable and easy to use, making them perfect for beginners.

Pod kits are great for beginners, too, because they’re simple and easy to use. Some require refilling, but others come with pre-filled pods that you don’t have to worry about.

Once you get used to pod kits, you can try more advanced ones like pod tank kits, which are a bit more complicated but still easier than full tank mod kits. You can get the best vaping accessories for your full tank mod kits from Vapes Direct.

Picking Up The Wrong E-Liquid

Choosing the right liquid for vaping depends on your device and personal taste. Low-wattage devices work best with nicotine salt E-Liquid, which gives a smooth hit of nicotine.

For bigger clouds, use a thicker liquid with more VG than PG, usually in a 70VG/30PG ratio. These liquids often have no nicotine, so you can add your own shots or vape them for taste alone. You can always get the right e-liquid and new vape kits. Check Vapes Direct for it.

Going For The Wrong Nicotine Level

When you switch from smoking to vaping, it’s important to choose the right amount of nicotine in your vape juice. If it’s too low, you might still crave cigarettes. But if it’s too strong, it can be bad for you.

We suggest using vape juice with 20mg/ml nicotine salts if you smoked heavily before. Our vape juices are designed to help smokers switch to vaping and provide a smoother throat hit.

We also have a 11mg/ml option if 20mg is too strong for you. You can gradually reduce your nicotine intake with other vape juices that have lower nicotine strengths.

Not Thinking To Prime Coils

If you have chosen a vaping device that needs maintenance and replacement of coils, it is a great investment that should last you a long time. However, keeping your device clean, charged, and in working condition is vital.

One of the most important steps in this process is learning how to replace and take care of your coils. One common error that new vapers make is forgetting to prime their coils. This mistake can burn your coils, damage them, and cause a terrible taste in your vape.

To prime your coils, put a few drops of your E-Liquid directly onto the exposed cotton when filling your tank. After letting the liquid sit on the cotton for a few seconds, install the coil and replace it back into your device.

Fill your tank and let it sit for about ten minutes before vaping. Making sure that your cotton is soaked and priming your coil with this method will ensure that you can enjoy your vape each time.


Vaping Like You’re Smoking – How To Inhale With A Vape

If you’re transitioning from smoking to vaping, you should know that drawing on an e-cigarette is different. When vaping, it’s best to take long, slow draws to fill your mouth with vapor for a few seconds.

Before you exhale, hold the vapor in your mouth for a brief moment. Some devices are designed to be drawn directly into your lungs (DTL) and are meant for advanced vapers who want to create large clouds.

Inhale with Vape

Final Thoughts:

Choosing the right vaping device and e-liquid is important for a satisfying experience. Beginners should opt for starter kits or pod systems. Proper maintenance of the device ensures longevity. Understanding how to inhale properly completes the transition from smoking to vaping.