Best Ways To Save Money with Vaping

Save Money with Vaping

You probably already heard that if you switch from smoking to vaping, you can save loads of money each year. But here’s the thing: if you’re someone who used to smoke and now vapes, there are extra tricks to save even more cash.

It’s all about being mindful, open to trying new things, and being a bit clever. With a little finesse, you can keep more of your hard-earned money.

Keep reading for some ways to save money with vaping and make the most out of it without spending too much!

Saving Money On E-Liquids

No matter how you vape, you need e-liquid. There are lots of flavors and nicotine strengths to choose from, but is there a way to spend less money on e-liquid? Yes, there is!

Higher Nicotine Strength:

If you want to save money and don’t have much time to vape, try using a higher nicotine strength e-liquid. You’ll need to vape less to satisfy your cravings, meaning you won’t use as much e-liquid.

Try Salt Nicotine:

Salt nicotine e-liquid gives a smooth throat hit, absorbs faster, and lasts longer. This allows you to satisfy cravings quickly and for a longer time, using less e-liquid.

Mix Your Own E-Liquid:

Shortfill E-Liquids:

These are bottles with less e-liquid than the bottle’s capacity. You can add a concentrated nicotine shot to create a larger amount of nicotine-containing e-liquid. It’s a quick and cheap way to make more e-liquid.

Full DIY Mixing:

This takes more time and effort but saves more money. Experienced vapers can experiment with flavors and create custom blends by combining flavor concentrates with VG, PG, and nicotine. It’s a bit like creating your own e-liquid from scratch.

It’s cost-effective and reduces plastic waste, making it more environmentally friendly. However, DIY mixing is recommended for experienced vapers.

Save Money On Vape Coils

Coils are the parts in your vape that heat up to turn the e-liquid into vapor. They wear out over time and need replacing often. If you take good care of them and follow these tips, you can save a lot of money.

High Ohm Coils:

If you use e-liquid with higher nicotine, switch to a higher Ohm coil. These coils need less power, produce less vapor, and use less e-liquid. So, your coil lasts longer, and you save money on e-liquid.

Get Mesh-y:

Mesh coils are like regular ones but better. They have a larger surface and are less likely to have hotspots (areas that get too hot). This makes them last longer and gives them better flavor. Vapers can use them for different vaping styles. You can get anything that suits your style at Vapes Direct, the best online vape shop.

Build Your Own Coils:

If you’re an experienced vaper, building your own coils gives you control over performance and saves money. But it’s not for beginners. You must know about vaping, Ohm’s law, and battery safety. It may require some safety gear and tools, but after the initial investment, it’s a cost-effective way to vape without paying for a manufacturer’s labor.

Vape Coil

Save Money On Vape Equipment

Optimize your vaping costs with hardware tips:

Try an MTL Kit:

   – Cheaper and less e-liquid usage.

   – Similar to smoking, but with a smaller kit. 

Check Power Source:

   – For sub-ohm lovers, choose devices with removable batteries.

   – Replace batteries after a year to save on costs.

   – Integrated batteries mean buying a new setup; always buy from trusted sources and keep them safe.

Save With Refilling And Reusing

Convenience often comes with a cost in vaping. Switching from easy-to-use pre-filled pods to refillable ones can save you money. Just refill them with e-liquid – it’s simple, especially with new pods for quick on-the-go refills.


Read about the benefits of refilling and reusing:

More Choices: Pick your own flavors and blends.

Nicotine Options: Choose different strengths without buying a new pod.

Cost-Effective: Cheaper than getting a new pod every time.

Explore Options: Look for kits offering both refillable and prefilled choices.


Change Vaping Style, Save Money

Don’t worry, we’re not saying quit vaping, but adjusting how you vape could mean more cash in your pocket.

Graze, Don’t Feast:

   – Avoid chain vaping (continuous bursts).

   – Switch to higher nicotine to satisfy cravings without chain vaping.

Lower Wattages:

   – High wattage uses more e-liquid.

   – Lower wattage means a stealthier vape and less e-liquid consumption.

Final Thoughts

If you have a question going in your mind. ‘Does vaping save money?’ Well, it does. Just follow these ways, and you can save up your money.

You can save money when vaping by choosing higher nicotine or salt nicotine, using refillable pods, and managing coils wisely. Experienced vapers can save in the long term by building their own coils.

Opt for cost-effective hardware choices, such as mouth-to-lung kits and devices with removable batteries. Refilling and adjusting your vaping style are key to keeping more money in your pocket. You can get the best hardware and accessories from Vapes Direct, the best vape shop in Pakistan.

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